Some occupations demand top performance standards, often during highly important tasks, which demand a full investment of one’s resources and expertise, or which present high levels of risk in terms of responsibility, opportunity, or danger. Professionals in key positions have generally relied on their own personal qualities and inclinations to successfully confront such challenges; in the last few years, though, more and more experts have been greeting with favor the benefits coming from a training of the key psychological skills which allow to face obstacles with optimal results and to seize the opportunities often proposed by professional positions that demand high performances.

Managers, doctors, rescuers, attorneys, public speakers, and whoever operates in a job often leading to situations requiring quick decision-making, cold blood, self-confidence, and the ability to manage the difficult and the unexpected, can benefit from a specific consultancy in such direction.

The Wave Psychology offers interventions aimed both to preparing specific performances (e.g. an important meeting), both to pinpointing and enhancing the resources required for continual and repeated performances. The starting point is an in-depth analysis of the context and the client’s needs, creating highly tailored and goal-oriented programs.