Stage and performing arts such as music, acting and dance, have a lot in common with the disciplines that have more traditionally benefited from performance psychology. A soloist at the eve of an important show, a ballet dancer getting prepared for starting a tour, a theatre actress who’s assigned the main role, a young artist who’s going to try an audition; they all find themselves facing the typical psychological challenges of a top-level performance. An adequate mental training is crucial to manage the task’s demands and to express one’s expertise, talent and personality at their best.

The Wave Psychology offers completely customized and individualized performance psychology consultancies and mental training programs, aimed to overcoming specific difficulties, preparing important performances (whether single or continual), enhancing and empowering the specific resources and strongpoints of every artist.

An in-depth knowledge of the artistic context and the openness to the client’s experience and point of view ensure the quality and the personalization of the consultancies, along with the respect for the uniqueness of every artistic experience.