Competitive sports impose high performance demands on athletes, teams, trainers, and staffs. In professional sports, the need to reach top level performances is even more urgent. Many scientific researches confirmed that an adequate mental preparation, which results from a disciplined training, makes the difference between top level performances and results, and less effective performances.

The Wave Psychology offers customized programs of mental training and management of all psychological processes involved in competitive sports as concerns performance, organization, team management and all the team’s element’s well-being. Our consultancies are based on a thorough knowledge of the context and an in-depth profiling of our customers. With this method, we can avoid standard interventions and the imposition of fixed protocols, with the aim of preparing highly individualized programs who will optimize the strong points and grant effective and long term improvements.

The experience acquired in individual and team sports, as well as in winter, acrobatic, action, endurance and combat sports, on different levels of competition and professionalism, are a guarantee of the quality and customization of the consultancies we offer.