The Wave Psychology is a consultancy service offered by Doctor Marco Sassoon, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Consultant in Sport and Performance Psychology.

Doctor Sassoon studied Psychological Sciences and Techniques at the University of Milan Bicocca, and Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Torino, graduating magna cum laude. After university, he continued his training achieving a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology at Psymedisport Group in Romans D’Isonzo (GO) and a Master’s Degree in Management of the Psychological and Relational Processes in Competitive Sports at SSF Rebaudengo, Torino. Lastly, he perfected his clinical training with a Specialization Course in Psychoanalytic Therapy of the Adult at SPP – School of Psychoanalyitc Psychoterapy in Milano.

He has worked as a freelance and as a partner in different clinical services, public and private, with a variety of patients of different age and clinical condition. As a Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant, he has collaborated with teams, sport schools and individual athletes, and established fruitful partnerships with other professionals in Italy and abroad, in numerous disciplines: from skiing to rugby, from boxing to snowboarding to surfing. He has published various scientific and popular articles about themes of sport, work and clinical psychology, on different magazines among which the Harvard Business Review.

As an athlete, after testing his skills as a young freestyle snowboard competitor in the Italian contests, he cultivated his passion for sports as a snowboard instructor in the renowned mountain resort of St. Moritz, in Switzerland.

As a surfer, he took on adventurous journeys challenging waves all around the world, collecting the invaluable set of experiences and insights that only the personal research and exploration can provide as a completion of the academic training, from the impetuous breakers of Indonesia to the most remote villages of Madagascar, from the tropical waters of Nicaragua to the cold shores of Ireland.